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President Barack Obama called for the U.S. and its allies to stand together against the threat of a nuclear-armed North Korea, as more than 50 world.FILE - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un receives a delegation of the Communist Party of China led by Liu Yunshan in October 2015.Tensions appear to be quickly mounting between the erstwhile allies North Korea and China.WASHINGTON - US President Barack Obama stressed the need to keep pressure on nuclear-armed North Korea Thursday, after meeting with South Ko News

Frequently asked in. Allies: North Korea has essentially two primary allies China and.North Korea, famous for being the most isolated country in the world, currently does not maintain any alliances with other nations.

Sigal Director of the Northeast Asia Cooperative Security Project at the Social Science Research Council.In the face of mounting threats from North Korea, President.US prepares to defend allies against North Korea South Koreans expect Pyongyang to launch a medium-range missile near the border as North.ASIA PROGRAM SPECIAL REPORT Uneasy Allies: Fifty Years of China-North Korea Relations NO. 115 SEPTEMBER 2003 S unday, July 27, 2003, marked the 50th.The United States and its two main military allies in Asia, South Korea and Japan, pledged a combined push Thursday to secure a comprehensive, hard-hitting.

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WASHINGTON -- To increase pressure on North Korea, the Bush administration told its Asian allies in briefings earlier this year that Pyongyang had exported.

But United States is allied with South Korea and hasmaintained tense diplomatic relations with North Korea only since1993.


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The U.S. and its allies asked for help from Russia and China today in pressuring North Korea to wind down its nuclear program and reduce tensions with South Korea.

On this day in History, Chinese overwhelm Allies in North Korea on Nov 29, 1950.

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So North Korea detonated its fourth nuclear device on January 5.

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The latest international sanctions on North Korea, a response to recent nuclear and rocket tests, are meant to add to the pressure on the country to drop its weapons.It is a divided peninsula occupied by two countries still technically at war.

Washington and its allies are expecting North Korea to conduct a third nuclear bomb test shortly after the launch.Kerry to North Korea: U.S. will defend its allies in the region.Sarah Palin is taking a razzing today for a verbal gaffe about North Korea.POLLACK JAN. 12, 2014. Continue reading the main story Share.Last week I noted that North Korea has reportedly begun hanging banners.While some may have been caught off guard, it was not much of a surprise to those that (1) had.