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Dimenhidrinato (50 Mg) Ingredientes Inactivos: Coloidal Silicio Dioxido, Croscarmellose Sodio,.


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Dimenhydrinate chewable tablets contain aspartame that forms phenylalanine.MSD FARMACEUTICA.50 mg -325 mg COMPRIMIDOS DOMATRA 325 mg.F. C. GENFAR CASA DE REPRESENTACIONES.

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Dimenhydrinate Dramamine

Dimenhydrinate (marketed as Dramamine, Gravol and many other brand names) is an over-the-counter antiemetic used for the treatment of the symptoms of motion sickness.

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FORMA FARMACEUTICA Y FORMULACION: Cada tableta contiene: Dimenhidrinato. 50 mg. Exicipiente, cbp.

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